The goal of this summer program is to prepare students for the next academic year as well as advance and master their math skills. It consists of 6 courses which are designed for different grades and serve different purposes.


Preparation for the next academic year
Grades 1-8

This course will prepare your child for the next academic year.

- Review the previous year's topics focusing on students' needs.

- Introduction to the curriculum of the next academic year to have a proper base for the smooth transition to the next grade.

Honors Math - Advanced Topics - grades 4 and up

If your child is into math and science, this course will equip him with everything to have a sound first step towards Math and Science Olympiads.

The curriculum aims at uncovering the fundamentals of how math works, awakening deep love for math in kids and teaching high-level concepts beyond regular math classes.


Our experienced teachers will be happy to share insights with students preparing to take AP Calculus AB or BC; ACT, SAT, and SAT II.

This course is intended to teach subjects and strengthen test-taking skills to increase scores. During ACT/SAT prep course, arithmetical, algebraic, and geometric concepts will be reviewed and coached to help students successfully take the test.

Preparation to Math Competitions and Olympiads - grades 1-8

Victory in competitions does not depend only on pure knowledge of concept and formulas but also on logical composition. With this course, your child will learn about all the peculiarities of Math Competitions and Olympiads to succeed.

In addition, this course is a reliable source of developing logic and mathematical thinking for young students.

AMC-8 Boost Camp - grades 6-8

For a solid base for your child's future math accomplishments, we recommend starting with the intro course for AMC-8, the first of a series of competitions in secondary school mathematics that determine the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

AMC-8 Extensive Camp Preparation for the Competition - grade level: advanced 7, 8

Does your child have a dream to be a member of the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad? That means he should do extremely well on American Mathematics Competition to be chosen. This course will help him out with that!

Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry

This course is designed to help your child learn about the fundamentals and more advanced concepts of algebra as well as to cover the topics of geometry that are to be studied in high school.

Chemistry, Physics

Courses in chemistry and physics will help your child to develop a scientific basis and understanding, know relevant terms and formulas, explain basic phenomena in physics and chemistry, understand the scientific way of thinking and working - be able to communicate knowledge in physics and chemistry

Python Coding, Chess

Python Coding - an introductory course is perfect for those who want to master Python development and are making their very first steps. Chess - this class will teach students the basics of chess. Students will learn the fundamentals of the game and work on improving their concentration and strategic thinking.


Two-hours group sessions

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

1 week - $192 (8 hours, $24/hour)
4 days, 2 hours per day, 8 hours total
*Early bird discount - register till May 1 $152 ($19/h)
July 3 - August 25

Private Lessons

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

1 week - $400 (8 hours, $50/hour)
4 days, 2 hours per day, 8 hours total
*Early bird discount - register till May 1 $320 ($40/h)
July 3 - August 25

*10% sibling discount.

Two-hour session schedule

Games Math Problems

First correct answer

Explain solution

Get a point (vote with class depending on the solution)

Task: make your own problem; some other project/task

10 min break - some fact discussion

Mini test - 3-5 questions.


Multiple times Math Kangaroo National and State Winner. LA and California state annual Olympiad winner. He is also on AMC-8 and AMC-10 honors lists. This year, Konstantin is a senior in high school and has multiple offers from the country's top universities.


Three times Ohio state Math Olympiad winner. Perfect scorer! Hackathon content winner with his bot-gaming competition startup. Tigran is also his school wrestling team captain representing Ohio state in National competitions!


8 times! National winner. Dash started participating in Math Olympiads in 1st grade. He made to AMC-8 honors list when he was in 7th grade. His goal is to join MIT in two years.


Graduated high school with honors in math. Nikolay worked as a math teacher assistant while in High School, and the kids loved him! Nikolay is also a sound tennis player and NY State champion. Nikolay has been granted a scholarship for his academic achievements, and he is currently a sophomore at UConn Business School studying finance.


AMC-10 high scorer. Currently, Sachin is a sophomore at Columbia University


Good Morning Samvel,

Matthew took the test yesterday for the 2020 contest and looks like he scored 111 points out of 120. Just wanted to let you know and say THANK YOU again for all your dedication in helping Matthew!

Thank you again and all the best to you and your family,


Mathico has been a wonderful experience for our sons. It has provided a challenge beyond their regular school curriculum, as well as opportunities to participate in math competitions and engage more meaningfully in math. I highly recomment it!

Liora S.
Hi Samvel, Ryan is very excited to share with you the good news that he got 100% on Kangaroo test this morning. Thanks a lot for your help!

My two sons have joined Mathico school a year ago and I can’t be more happy. The results are apparent. Their math scores spiked.

Lilian T.

Great School and Programs! Beautiful environment. My son got 2nd place in 2×2 Russian Olympiad. Feedback from my 9 years old ☺

“When I discovered patterns, my understanding of math completely changed! Also, it gave me basic logic skills that help me to make the right choices in life.-Sarqis”

Armine K.

Two students became national winners of math kangaroo competition, including my child.

Bosang K.


Katrina absolutely loved the last lesson! We all did that riddle you gave her as a family that day, I have not seen her so excited about problem solving before:)



You can choose one or more courses based on the needs of your child. After completing one course, he can move to the next one.

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No more than five students in any class, though it’s often about three students a class.

Students need to be qualified to participate. We offer you a free evaluation for the program.

Yes. We don’t promise that your child will always have homework, but often there will be homework.

Yes. We don’t promise that your child will always have homework, but often there will be homework.

That’s what we’re here for! Because our classes are so small and we record every step of the lesson, your child will not only receive one-on-one attention, he or she will be able to re-experience the lessons anytime, anywhere.

That’s great! We can’t wait to work with your child and discover the next challenges together. Just because your child is in, say, 7th grade doesn’t mean he or she has to be working on 7th grade levels. If your child’s evaluation show 8th or 9th grade would be a better fit, then that’s what we’ll recommend.

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Back to School Math Program!


    1. Combat Knowledge Loss: Studies show that students can experience up to a 20% loss in knowledge over the summer break. Our program is designed to reverse this trend and help students regain and retain essential math skills.

    2. Bridge the Gap: Address any learning gaps that may have emerged during the break. Our experienced instructors will identify areas of improvement and provide personalized support to ensure every student is on track for success.

    3. Boost Confidence: Introducing our upcoming course in an easy and comfortable manner! Right from Day 1 in school, your child will feel significantly more confident and well-prepared for the upcoming curriculum. This jumpstart will lay a strong foundation for their mathematical journey, ensuring an enjoyable and effective learning experience.

Program Dates

Week 1

August 19 - August 23 (4 days)

Week 2

August 26 - August 29 (4 days)