The goal of this summer program is to prepare students for the next academic year as well as advance and master their math skills. It consists of 6 courses which are designed for different grades and serve different purposes.



Grades 1-8

If you want your child to recap the material of the previous academic year and also go through the curriculum of the next academic year to have a proper base for the smooth transition to the next grade, this course is what you are looking for.

Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Calculus

If you wish your child to learn about the fundamentals and more advanced concepts of algebra as well as to cover the topics of geometry that are to be studied in high school, hurry up to register now and reserve a seat in this course.

MO - Honors - Advanced Topics - grades 4 and up.

If your child is into math and science, this course will equip him with everything to have a sound first step towards Math and Science Olympiads.

The curriculum aims at uncovering the fundamentals of how math works, awakening deep love for math in kids and teaching high-level concepts beyond regular math classes.

Preparation to Math Competitions and Olympiads - grades 1-8

Victory in competitions does not depend only on pure knowledge of concept and formulas but also on logical composition. With this course, your child will learn about all the peculiarities of Math Competitions and Olympiads to succeed.

In addition, this course is a reliable source of developing logic and mathematical thinking for young students.

AMC-8 Boost Camp - grades 6-8

If you are looking for a solid base for your child's future math accomplishments, we recommend starting with the intro course for AMC-8, the first of a series of competitions in secondary school mathematics that determine the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad.

AMC-8 Extensive Camp - Preparation for the Competition - grade level: advanced 7, 8

Does your child have a dream to be a member of the United States team for the International Mathematical Olympiad? That means he should do extremely well on American Mathematics Competition to be chosen. This course will help him out with that!

We do online breaks!

During the break, students will study graphic design, which will develop the taste in elementary school students and provide Photoshop design basics and laws for secondary school students.


Schedule - One-hour Math sessions

3 classes per week

2 weeks - $235
4 weeks - $400
6 weeks - $540
Monday - Wednesday - Friday
June 29 - July 10, July 13 - July 24,July 27 - Aug 7
12:00pm - 1:00pm , 1:00pm - 2:00pm

2 classes per week

3 weeks - $235
6 weeks - $400
Tuesday - Thursday
June 29 - July 17 , July 20 - Aug 7
12:00pm - 1:00pm , 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Schedule - Two-hour Math camp

3 classes per week

2 weeks - $420 ($35 /h)
4 weeks - $700 ($29 /h)
6 weeks - $840 ($23 /h)
Monday - Wednesday - Friday
June 29 - July 10, July 13 - July 24,July 27 - Aug 7
2:00pm - 4:00pm, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

2 classes per week

3 weeks - $420 ($35 /h)
6 weeks - $700 ($29 /h)
Tuesday - Thursday
June 29 - July 17 , July 20 - Aug 7
2:00pm - 4:00pm, 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Two-hour session schedule

45 min
Teacher covers topic according to summer curriculum

30 min
Art and fun break

Students will learn the elements (the tools to make art) and principles (how to use the tools to make art) of design, through the many impressive capabilities of Adobe Photoshop, such as image editing, color manipulation, illustration, and much more. Young professionals will teach the language of design, analyzing Art and Design in everyday life, and how to think in the digital era.

45 min
This is the time when students work on the problems based on the class study with the teacher's guidance.

*20% sibling discount.


Good Morning Samvel,

Matthew took the test yesterday for the 2020 contest and looks like he scored 111 points out of 120. Just wanted to let you know and say THANK YOU again for all your dedication in helping Matthew!

Thank you again and all the best to you and your family,


Mathico has been a wonderful experience for our sons. It has provided a challenge beyond their regular school curriculum, as well as opportunities to participate in math competitions and engage more meaningfully in math. I highly recomment it!

Liora S.
Hi Samvel, Ryan is very excited to share with you the good news that he got 100% on Kangaroo test this morning. Thanks a lot for your help!

My two sons have joined Mathico school a year ago and I can’t be more happy. The results are apparent. Their math scores spiked.

Lilian T.

Great School and Programs! Beautiful environment. My son got 2nd place in 2×2 Russian Olympiad. Feedback from my 9 years old ☺

“When I discovered patterns, my understanding of math completely changed! Also, it gave me basic logic skills that help me to make the right choices in life.-Sarqis”

Armine K.

Two students became national winners of math kangaroo competition, including my child.

Bosang K.


Katrina absolutely loved the last lesson! We all did that riddle you gave her as a family that day, I have not seen her so excited about problem solving before:)



You can choose one or more courses based on the needs of your child. After completing one course, he can move to the next one.

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No more than five students in any class, though it’s often about three students a class.

Students need to be qualified to participate. We offer you a free evaluation for the program.

Yes. We don’t promise that your child will always have homework, but often there will be homework.

Yes. We don’t promise that your child will always have homework, but often there will be homework.

That’s what we’re here for! Because our classes are so small and we record every step of the lesson, your child will not only receive one-on-one attention, he or she will be able to re-experience the lessons anytime, anywhere.

That’s great! We can’t wait to work with your child and discover the next challenges together. Just because your child is in, say, 7th grade doesn’t mean he or she has to be working on 7th grade levels. If your child’s evaluation show 8th or 9th grade would be a better fit, then that’s what we’ll recommend.

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